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The awning is industrial
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The awning is industrial

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Country of manufacture:Azerbaijan

The awning is industrial


Now we offer group a wide range of the products FERRARI intended for industrial application.
Enter into product range of FERRARI: industrial awnings, autoawnings, grids and special fabrics for nature protection, technical application and safety.

Industrial awnings include coverings of seats, covers for the equipment, coverings of cargo containers, overlappings of hangars, coverings for bunkers, automobile awnings and awning sliding roofs for cars.

Grids can be used as protections, wind-shelter grids, screens, protections of sports grounds, decorative protection of industrial facilities, registration.

Use of the special materials Ferrari and their advantage

mountain dams, waterproof tanks:
Water tightness, high resistance to influence of acid and sewage of industrial use, water-repellent covering steady against influence of ultraviolet rays and mold, chemical reagents resistance and resistance to influence of high temperatures

capacities and tanks for drinking water, a geomembrane, storage of foodstuff
Both parties of textiles correspond to the European directives 2002/72/CE - 97/48/CE - 85/572/CE, belonging to the materials intended for contact with foodstuff and which should not contain fat connections. Both parties of textiles are suitable for contact with drinking water, a water-repellent covering for durability, a bichromatic covering for the best integration and resistance to pollution

flexible partitions for cooling of the place of welding works
Resistance to influence of chemical products and bituminous splashes, stability at short-term influence of the heated splashes (for example, when welding), chemical resistance to influence of acids and the bases with concentration less than 20 percent, excellent resistance to influence of oil products

the acoustic partitions thermoisolating surfaces
Highly effective acoustic and heat insulation, flexibility, good svarivayemost, resistance to influence of ultraviolet rays and atmospheric phenomena, resistance to influence of a mold

military awnings for tents and trucks, bags
Durability, compliances to requirements and standards of NATO: an opaque covering, the standardized colors, invisibility for devices of night vision

DEFENDER. highly effective systems of protection against breakings for autoawnings, movable partitions and luggage containers
DEFENDER is the patented innovative textiles from Ferrari with the integrated high-strength steel cables (380 kg/mm2). Irrespective of whether DEFENDER separately or in a combination with other Ferrari fabrics is used, highly effective protection of any textile products, despite their "softness" is provided to you.
Country of manufacture:Azerbaijan
Tenting covering:уточняйте
Information is up-to-date: 26.11.2018
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